New Lennox Educational Essentials Brochure Out Now..

This brochure will expire on the 31st of December 2016.

The Next Generation of Precision Portable Balances from OHAUS.

STX Touchscreen and SKX LCD Display Models. Download more information here.

New! Smart Cart from PASCO..

The most advanced dynamics cart ever created. Measure position, velocity, acceleration and force - all wirelessly!

850 Universal Interface From PASCO...

The most powerful educational lab interface in the world.

PASCO's Materials Testing System.. Now Available..

The most affordable way to teach tension, column buckling, bending and shear testing.

New Summer Offer Now Available...

Don't Miss Out... See here for more details...

Are you in need of a Power Supply?

Look no further! See here for more information...

Equipment and Glassware Special Offers...

For the second level educational laboratory.

PASCO's new MatchGraph! App for Windows, Mac and iOS Available Now!

This software helps engage students as they interpret position and velocity graphs while making a game of it.

New PASPORT Dissolved Oxygen Sensor from PASCO

Makes it easier than ever before to measure dissolved oxygen in the field or in a lab environment.

New Wireless Spectrometer from PASCO

Wireless spectrometry at an affordable price.

T-17541C Digital Monocular Microscope from ken-a-vision

An excellent and affordable way to introduce students to digital microscopy.

SPARK Element from Pasco

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